Site News (7 June 2018)

I am going to start sharing poetry on this site. I will rate the poem, and if it has a high rating then I shall not comment. I feel like it should be able to speak for itself, being present, unlike the films and books that I review. However, if the poem is not good, or if I have some comments to make about where it is lacking in term of quality, for whatever reason, then I will make those under the text in a very brief review.

Thus, the poetry that will appear on Ocellus will vary in quality, as I wish to highlight the contrast between what- according to my principles in how I evaluate poetry- is good, great, or bad. Poetry will not appear in the week in nutshell posts but some poems will appear on the Highest Rated page if they are of sufficient merit.

Additionally, I have decided to open up a dialogue between followers of my site. I offer to read and critique your writing, for free, and provide detailed notes, with how you can improve. If you think I offer valid criticism, then I don’t need to sell myself. It’s up to you. And, if you so desire, I will feature one of your poems on the site, with commentary of course according to the standard of every other poet, and a link to your website, YouTube channel, or whatever one platform you request. If poetry is not your thing, I will, if you ask, so a review, (all free of charge) of your play, novel, screenplay, or film if you’ve managed to get that far. Short fiction and films included of course. Take advantage of my time.

One more thing regarding the site, I have been posting once every day on average, or every other day, for the last 3 weeks. I am going to start uploading more often: in hopes, this will help traffic for one, but mainly so that I can review more content- I only review a fraction of what I get through in a week as it is, and I need to up my game- and be more active.

This seems like a paradoxical pledge, to write more on the site, considering that I have now started work on a novel, but I honestly feel like there is enough time in a day to do so much. Reading the average of a book a day (2000 pages a week), a film here and there, and a post every other day, well this is my speed currently. I feel lazy, and honestly, I’ve been procrastinating on so much. I could almost certainly do far far more than this, and I’ll have to if I want to keep up with my own quotas. I’m going to end with a quote from the great card mechanic Richard Turner,

‘You know what I consider the worst disability of all? Procrastination and laziness. Give me blindness over that any day of the week.’


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